Aren’t these diapers just the absolute CUTEST!  I’m obsessing over diapers with cute prints and patterns.  And it’s a huge plus that they are chemical free!  Both my girls have pretty sensitive skin…Harley not quite as much…but seriously the tiniest little things give them diaper rash 🙁  I blame the harsh chemicals in diapers and especially wipes!  (So Burt’s baby bum paste has been a lifesaver in our home fyi, and we go through that stuff like candy).  But I’d much rather just have good, diapers and avoid the problem all together.  And to my surprise both Seventh Gen and Honest absorb insanely well!  But as you know they aren’t exactly the cheapest.  BUT I have a little tip for ya so you can get them and only pay a one cent difference (or sometimes less) per diaper from Huggies or Pampers.  Here’s how—— 

1. Cartwheel App-If you don’t already have this app STOP right now and download it!  It will save you tons AND you get free stuff.  Basically it’s the Target store app.  You can browse coupons and deals on.  And every time you shop you get points, after so many points you get to choose from a selection of free stuff!
So I wait until Seventh Generation and/or Honest goes on sale (which is pretty often) usually 20-25% off.

2. Target Red card-Before you tune me out just know that this post is NOT sponsored in any way.  I’m genuinely sharing this info because I think it’s awesome. I was one of those people who would smile when asked if I wanted the Red card, and inside I’m thinking “stop asking me!  NO NO NO I don’t want your target card but I know you’re just doing your job.  but NO.”  But then after moving and we no longer had our regular stores nearby, I found myself at Target every other day.  So I thought wouldn’t it be nice if I did have the Red Card…but I don’t want another credit card.  Well HELLLLO the sweet little cashiers had been offering the DEBIT card for ages.  And now I finally let myself consider it.  After some research I found there’s no catch.  It literally IS like a debit card, only I get 5% when I use it, and I can ONLY use it at Target.  I’m fine with that!

So in the end I end up paying 1-2 cents LESS per diaper than when I buy Huggies or Pampers!
hope ya’ll are having a wonderful day!


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