Ponytails get a bad rap in my mind.  Sure they’re quick and simple to do…but how does that make them a symbol of laziness, lack of creativity, homeliness, trashy?  Whatever!  Throw all that gunk out the window and our of your mind.  Anything simple can be made grand with a few tweaks.

1-CURLS: If your hair is already curly then OWN IT! your pony will look fuller and classier.  If your hair is naturally straight then curl just a few pieces BEFORE you put it up.  I repeat you DON’T have to curl all your hair, just a few pieces will do.

2-ACCESSORIES: Headbands are a great go to to spice up your pony.  But flower clips, hair jewelry etc work great too.  You can put a headband over 1/3 of the hair like I did here.  This helps keep it in place better and adds a different sort of look.

3-BRAIDS: Braids forever and always will be able to add character to ANY hairstyle 🙂  You can braid your bangs-like I did here-then pull it back into the ponytail, or you can braid a chunk of the ponytail itself!