We’ve all done it.  Told ourselves we would hang those pictures one day, buy curtains for the first time…one day, organize the bookshelves ‘when I have my own home’  Sure maybe it doesn’t make sense to put in so much effort when you’re only going ot be in a home or small apartment for 6 months.  But trust me, 6 months can start to feel like 6 years when you don’t love the place to come home to every day.
I’m not saying go spend your little heart out to feng shui a place you’re leaving a few months, but there are affordable ways to make you home cozy.

FLOWERS-Flowers brighten up any room.  If necessary, make a small budget each month to buy flowers.  For years I wouldn’t allow myself to get flowers unless it was a special occasion.  I told myself it was a waste of money to spend on something that would die after 7 days.  But I’ve discovered the happiness they bring for that time are soooo worth it.

SMELL-It’s amazing how the feeling in your home changes based on the smell.  You walk into a room that smells of trash and dirty dishes, how do you feel?  Dirty, poor, depressing?  Get a good air freshener, or candles (my favorite!).

PLANTS-Adding a touch of green life to your home literally brings a feeling of LIFE into your space.  You can find plants for surprisingly cheap.  Get a pot at Ross or Marshall’s, and a plant for the grocery store, farmers market or a nursery.

CLEAN-Good vibes and a happy spirit love clean spaces.  By cleaning your home your demonstrating to yourself, your family, your house and all who enter that you love and care about your home.  That energy will radiate all throughout.

It’s so important to be happy in your place of residence.