“Happiness is made up of good friends, health, a short memory and good food”  I could not agree with these words more!
This Easter was simply magical.  Kylie is at the perfect age where watching her experience things-like egg hunts-feels like the first time for us once again.  I actually made that connection while watching a Chris Pratt interview on the Ellen show lol.  He mentioned how one amazing thing about becoming a dad is how EVERYTHING for his son is a “first” therefore it’s like everything becomes a first for Chris as well.  Daniel and I feel the same way.
And this years Easter was all thanks to Kylie’s sweet nursery leader-from church-also a dear friend of ours.  Jerilyn put together an elaborate Easter celebration.  She even had an egg hunt for all the kiddos…Kylie was in HEAVEN to say the least.

After all the fun and food we as our little family took some time to remember and give emphasis to the REAL reason for Easter.  I was surprised to discover recently how many people don’t actually know why Easter is celebrated, you can find out in much more detail HERE and HERE but for this post in a nutshell, Easter is to remember how the Savior Jesus Christ rose himself from the dead after giving himself as a sacrifice for all of US so that we can be forgiven for all the wrongs we do, and allows us the ability to continually change, improve and progress.  The most important thing to remember through all of this is that He LIVES.  Yes he died on the cross, but He now is alive!  And because of Him, we can all live again.  How incredible is that!  I love my Savior, and I’m so grateful for my little family.  I love you all, and I hope you have a wonderful week!