Personalized Leather Cuff

Photos by James Voss 

I’ve been wearing this leather cuff literally every day.  I love pieces with meaning behind them. Sweet Peas Stamping hand stamps all different kinds of jewelry with anything you want.   I just love wearing my girls’ names on my wrist.   There’s just something heart  warming about a personalized bracelet or necklace. I even went and got one for my dear friend, who’s sweet little baby girl passed away, but  changed so many lives.

Sweet Peas Stamping lives up to their cute name… They are so SWEET by giving back to children’s hospitals.
Anything that makes being a mom feel even more meaningful I’m all over it!  Especially in moments like now with a fussy baby in her swing fighting sleep with all her might.  A toddler making messes ever second and literally climbing all over me while I try to type this….I’ve been trying to type this for the past two days!  But the scene is always the same.  Which is why I’m pushing through all the chaos around me, but also cutting this short lol.  I love you all, and remember that all of this will be gone so fast, and you will miss it as unbelievable as that sounds.


*Big THANK YOU to Sweet Peas Stamping <3

“Children are great imitators, so give them something great to imitate”



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