We’ve been having so much fun with our wagon.  If you don’t already have one and you have little kids I would definitely recommend.  On second thought, even if you don’t have kids, they are super handy.  We’ve been using ours for getting chores done around the house as well, it’s a huge time saver when it comes to hauling loads.  Dan’s boss it for him (aka the girls really) for his birthday, we had now idea how much we would actually use and LOVE it.

If you follow my instagram then you know that I’ve started a more serious fitness routine.  I’ve always loved working out, but it was more for health and endorphine purposes-don’t get me wrong, those are GOOD reasons and still are at the top of my list-but I know want to have a little bit of tone and some muschle definition…well muscle period, lol.  But it can be hard with two littles.  HOWEVER I’m of the opinion that “you can always make time if you want” and “if you really, truly want something you WILL find a way”  So today I’m sharing some of my ways around it.

WAGON PULL—So one of many ways I’ve been staying fit is to go on a walk/jog with the girls, and I tote them in their wagon.  They become surprisingly heavy when you’re pulling them at a fast pace.  And on the weekends when Daniel is home we’ll all go out with the girls in tow and he and I will switch off pulling them.  He’ll pull while I do a sprint ahead and back, then he’ll go.

NIGHT RUNS—Daniel and I said we’d get up early to run for weeks, but it never happened.  So we finally started doing it at night after the girls are in bed (we take a monitor) and it’s been working for us.  I always thought I preferred running in the morning light, but since doing our night runs I actually like not being able to see…as odd as that may sound.  It makes my sprints feel like I’m can go longer because I can only see the silhouette of a landmark, it always looks farther than it really is, so I come up on it sooner…it just really builds your confidence ya know 😉

SWIMMING!—swimming is a no brainier.  It’s been warm here lately, so I’ll take the girls, put Harley in the shade, and throw Kylie’s floaties on and let her chill on the steps while I swim laps.  I get a good refreshing workout and THEY both get some vitamin D and are tired afterwards too.  WIN-WIN!

YOGA & ABS—Whenever the girls are watching a show I either do some ab work, or push ups or yoga.

BEFORE BED BBG—I find I sleep sooo much better when I make sure to do my BBG workouts. (bikini body guide) I don’t like to be interrupted during these, so I’ll do them during nap time, or normally after bed time.

EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN—-Ever chance I get I do little things here and there.  If I’m waliking from the swing set back to the house, I’ll do lunges.  I’ll park farther away from the store.  I’ll do BBG whenever they are sleeping.

There’s always a million + 1 reasons not to do something.  But there are also a million + 1 reason TO DO something.  It all depends on what YOU actually want”

Happy working out to ya’ll and be sure to check out my new fitness insta ( @joiworwood_fitness ) I’d love for us to support and encourage each other!


Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were uplifted. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions xo
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