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**In collaboration with My Sister’s Closet Boutique **

I CANNOT believe Summer is almost here!  Where does the time go seriously.  When I was younger I use to think that was something only old people said…but it’s true.  Time speeds up as you get older…I guess that does make me old (TEARS!)
Time to bring out the Summer skirts, shorts, swim suits, and my absolute favorite….DRESSES!  I was a major tom boy growing up and would cry (literally) when I had to wear a dress to church.  Now I just can’t get enough.  And of course now that I WANT to wear them day and night, it’s become so hard to find ones that fit my “DRESS CRITERIA”  But good news ladies, I found a store that has a plethora of dresses (along with other clothing…I just especially love their dresses 😉 ) that fit my Checklist.  It’s called My Sister’s Closet


 1-Must be cute (DUH!)

2-short sleeved (It’s always warm in Houston) and NOT just sleevless (I don’t like weariing sleeveless, but I hate layering cardis over top because it gets so HOT!)

3-not so short that when I bend over things get uncomfortable for any by standers


5-Good price point + good quality

6-Variety of sizes.  I feel so awkward when I recommend something to friends or family, and they have like 3 size options.  MSC has sizing from 0 to plus size (big thumbs up!)

Also right now they’re offering all of my readers 10% off your entire order!!! Just use code JOI10

I’m going to for sure be stocking up on these beauties, because you honestly can’t beat the price for the quality and level of cuteness!  Do the same because items go fast!  Happy warm weather every one!  I’ve shared some of my other favorites from MSC.