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I think we are officially addicted to the BEACH!  This last weekend there were more waves than I’ve ever seen in Texas ever! lol.  Kylie was in absolute HEAVEN.  Daniel and I were saying how if it were still just the two of us, we probably wouldn’t go to the beach as often as we have been.  But having kids and watching how much they enjoy it, and how fascinated they are with everything, it’s like we’re experiencing everything for the first time again, and we feed off of their excitement.
I’ve been learning and discovering beach essentials that are veeerrry important with kids-I mean a lot changes when it’s not just the two of you anymore-I’m sure after we go again the list will be even bigger still, but for now, here are some things that have been making our beach experience better.

Our Beach Day Essentials

GOOD BEACH TOWELS-Never underestimate a good LARGE beach towel.  Growing up we didn’t have all the luxuries aka high maintenance things I need now lol.  So our beach towels were our “territory markers”  I love the Turkish Towel trend going on right now, with the bright colors and tassels.  These from Mod Allure are some of my favorites.

PUDDLE JUMPER-You probably wouldn’t think of a life vest or these puddle jumper floaties being necessary for the ocean…because they aren’t really swimming.  More like just chasing waves.  But to be honest this made all the difference for us.  Not only does it give peace of mind as a mother, but Kylie had so much more fun, because this way she’d get knocked over by a wave and even though it was shallow, it would float her up just enough so that she was body surfing, and LOVED it.  Towards the end of the day she was going chest deep and letting the waves push her to the shore and just giggling uncontrollably!

LOTS OF FRUIT-It’s amazing how quickly the sun and salt water will dry you up from the inside out.  We are fruit family for sure.  We eat tons of it.  But I didn’t realize just how much we needed it for the beach until we didn’t have it for a little while.  We coordinated food with our friends-who came too-and they didn’t’ get there until after us, so for a good hour we were craaaving some refreshing fruit.  So make sure to bring some!  WATERMELON is our fav.

SUN BLOCK, SUN BLOCK, SUN BLOCK!- Growing up, no one in my family really sun burned.  Daniel’s family on the other hand always did.  So he’s been teaching me to mindful-for our daughters’ sake-of putting on sunscreen.

BOOGY BOARDS + OTHER TOYS-Of course with a whole ocean, you really don’t need a lot, but it adds to the magic for down time when they don’t want to be in the water to have a shovel and pail or other beach toys (ie ball, big trucks/cars)

CANOPY-It’s one of those things you didn’t realize you needed until you use it once.  Especially with kids, I don’t think I can ever go to the beach without one now.

Hope you enjoyed the picture overload! XOXO


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