1-) FRUIT, VEGGIES, FRUIT We go through fruit in our house faster than candy!  Kylie will eat a pound of blueberries without blinking.  We get lots of bananas (and freeze them if we don’t eat them fast enough), berries, peaches and we always get a watermelon…or 2.  And then of course whatever veggies go with the meal plan for the week, typically cherry tomatoes, broccoli, asparagus.

2-) GREEK YOGURT My favorite is vanilla.  We eat it with lots of berries, granola + some honey.  Mmmm parfait!

3-) LA CROIX These have been a life saver for my husband.  He’s completely ruled out soda and replaced them with sparkling water

4-) SWEET POTATOES Not kidding you, we eat probably 5 sweet potatoes a week AT LEAST.

5-) DATES These are great for satisfying my sweet tooth and cravings. Plus they add a brownie like texture to any smoothie or ‘nice cream’

6-) FISH we’re currently on a Salmon kick & grilled zucchini kick.  Our friends grow zucchini & cucumbers, and have like 20 chickens.  So we get all of those things FRESH 😀 seriously nothing better than that

7-) KALE our second favorite super food next to sweet potatoes.  We eat it in salads with cabbage and other lettuce, we cook it every morning with scrambled eggs, and I make this yummy Portuguese soup called Caldo Verde.

😎 BOTTLED WATER this way we all stay better hydrated.  If we’re running out the door we can just grab a couple bottles and be sure we always have some water in our hand.

9-) FROZEN VEGGIES veggies go bad so much faster in humid places, and we don’t go through them as quickly as fruit.  So I always like to have a BIG bag of frozen veggies to add as a side to any dish.  Also stir fry with rice is always an easy last minute meal on those busy hectic days.

Summer is all about getting fit and staying healthy right?  So lets do this together!