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Diaper Bag || Carseat dolly || Baby carrier

I did it!  I survived ALONE on a plane, through an airport for a 9 day visit with a baby and toddler.  I’ve flown alone with Kylie a couple times before…but two is NOT the same.  I literally would not ave survived without some of these essentials that I’m forever going to use ever time I fly.   And for those of you who will be or who have and need some different ideas on how to survive, here are some tips, pointers and things to know(ie what you can and cannot bring through security) when traveling with kiddos.

Traveling Tips

1-) BABY CARRIER-If your smallest child will ride in a carrier BRING ONE.  If they won’t TRAIN THEM!  Not even kidding.  I practiced with Harley prior to leaving.  Also, I found that she just doesn’t like to be facing in.  As soon as I found a carrier that could go forward facing, she never made any protest.  I used THIS brand that a friend lent me, but I like THIS one as well.

2-) CAR SEAT DOLLY-This has been a game changer ever since we discovered it being used by someone else in the airport.  There are different kinds, but we like this one tons.  It’s great for the price and fits almost any car seat.  You just strap in on, and roll them through the air port like luggage 🙂

3-) WHAT CAN GO THROUGH SECURITY  When you travel with kids 3 and under you can bring pretty much any liquids on the plane, it’s awesome!  You can have bottles, sippy cups and tylenol, but forget about a sealed bottle of water or anything that looks like it’s for you…some airports will let you through anyway, but I just drink from the kids.

4-) SNACKS, ACTIVITIES & PACIFIER I always offline a bunch of Kylie’s favorite videos and games.  Also I keep her away from screens for 2 days prior, that way she’s glued to my phone 😉  I bring a pacifier for Harley to keep the change in pressure from hurting her ears.

5-) WHAT CAN BE GATE CHECKED? A Gate Check is when you check a car seat or stroller at the gate FREE of charge.  All airlines (as far as I’m aware) will let you check one car seat per child 3 and under.  Others like United will let you check one car seat AND one stroller per child.  You can look this up for your particular airline.

6-) BREATH AND REMEMBER KIDS WILL BE KIDS-Above all, just remember that melt downs can (and probably will) happen, and that’s ok.  Sure it’s nerve racking and your blood pressure rises when your baby is crying in your arms for what seems like NO reason at all, your toddler is freaking out every time a toy drops on the floor, you’re trying to wiggle your diaper bag free from under those cramped seats while not bonking the baby’s head all the while the other one is climbing on you and repeating your name.  All simultaneously.  (yes that’s what happened).  But just take a deep breath, remember that it’s probably bothering you more than anyone else, AND in this day and age, pretty much EVERYONE has headphones and a device to drown out any noise from your kids.  🙂


Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were uplifted. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions xo
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