hat, similar ||
White dress (sold out) similar, similar ||
leather band c/o Sweet Peas Stamping||
lipstick in ‘boss’||
stripe dress c/o My Sister’s Closet (sold out) same different color ||
wand I used for curls 

Tomorrow is July 4th!!! Do ya’ll have any fun plans.  Ours will pretty much just consist of swimming and grilling until the kids are utterly exhausted, then fireworks and sparklers.

Can you go wrong with a good hat?  I mean really, if a hat can eliminate all stress and anxiety on those HUMID, HUMID days…or those lazy days, or dirty hair days…pretty much any day that my hair isn’t cooporating.  Just throw a hot on top and suddenly it looks like I’m actually well put together…and didn’t just come from cheerios being spilled down my front or wearing my hair in a messy bun for the infinitieth time (not completely by choice).
If you don’t believe me, take a look again at the first picture.  I literally was ONLY wearing lipstick and NO other makeup, my hair hadn’t been washed in a week and I just pulled it in a side pony.  But add a hat and suddenly it’s a styled shot. lol.  I love life hacks like this.  What are some of your favorite life/mom hacks.  Honestly I’m looking for one to help with smelling good on a more regular basis lol so please share if you have any tips for remembering and what not.  Thanks for stopping by my loves.  It’s late and I’m pooped.


Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were uplifted. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions xo
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