I hope your 4th of July was just perfect.  We spent ours by the pool with friends, shared lots of good food and lit fireworks and my favorite…sparklers.  FYI fireworks are a 3rd the price in Houston!  We naively thought that Kylie and her friend/neighbor Tatum would just LOOOVE sparklers…yeah guess again…eventually we got Kylie to not cling to our legs for dear life ever time the husbands set one off, but she WOULD NOT hold it lol.

So I’m kinda late in doing my ‘Summer Goals list’ the reason being laziness…lets be honest, it’s just pure laziness haha.  The entire summer has consisted mostly of lounging indoors hiding from the humidity and only going out when it’s totally and completely necessary…like when all the food in your house is baking soda, kale, and one yogurt.  But I can’t live my life scheduled around the humidity. (That’s my latest mantra hehe) Besides there’s always something to make the most of 🙂


Water balloon fight
watch an outdoor movie
eat more snow cones
go to the beach at least 3 more times
take more family photos
more pool parties with friends
read 2 books (I haven’t read before)
Cheesecake Factory (just because…it’s Cheesecake Factory!)
Cut the amount of heat used on my hair by 50%
Fly a kite
Seaworld or something similar
Jackson Hole family reunion