You can tell a lot about a person by the way they act when I fly is in their house but they don’t know where it went….For me, apparently I’m a tad bit obsessive and grind my teeth when my pride is at stake.

Remember how I mentioned in the previous post how for fourth of July we grilled lots of food with our friends?  Well included in all that were these yummy, thick juicy sausages that we ate like hot dogs.  And HOLY COW!  Why do we even have those skinny little things of meat when you can have a giant polish sausage dog!?  Even better, they went out of town the next day and left alllll the left overs to be devoured by us 😀
This is my recipe for the PERFECT HOT DOG–this coming from someone who doesn’t even like hot dogs (and even that is an understatement…there was a time when I would rather go hungry than eat a hot dog.)

The key is what kind of relish and mustard—along with the type of meat obviously.

there is just no alternative for mustard in my mind
DILL RELISH—I thought relish was the most disgusting thing on earth…apparently I’d been being served only the sweet kind.  The combination just never agreed with my stomach.