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I don’t know what’s come over me the last few weeks but I’m an ice cream fanatic!  (I blame Harley 🙂 )  For years I hardly if ever ate ice cream and now I’m like “WANT MORE!” (in a caveman voice)  I’ve compiled a list of my favorites that are unique, delicious, some you can only get in a few states and others 90% of the population don’t know even exist!  Sound intriguing?  Read on!

Bleubell ‘Bride’s Cake’ (pic 1)
Almond flavored (yes ALMOND FLAVOR) ice cream with thick white frosting swirl and white cake pieces. mmm (I added the sprinkles on top)

Bluebell ‘Groom’s Cake’ (pic 2)
This crazy mouthful of heaven is paradise for any and every chocolate lover.  Chocolate ice cream, with chocolate cake pieces (but they taste like brownies, so even better in my mind) with raspberry swirl and (wait for it) raspberry filled chocolate hearts! SOOO freaking GOOD!

*Bluebell available in southern states and Portugal (random yes, but that’s where i first tried it lol)

Breyer’s ‘Mint Chip’ (pic 3)
It’s refreshing unlike other mint ice creams.  And I LOVE that it white and not green dyed goop.  Breyers is super underrated and is one of the NICEST quality brands of ice cream in existence.
*you can find this anywhere ps they’re lactose free chocolate is my fav!

Thrifty’s ‘Chocolate Malted Krunch’
You are a step above the rest if you know about Thrifty’s ice cream.  I can’t even explain how amazing this flavor is…it was my favorite all through my childhood and STILL is to this day!  It’s milky malt chocolate ice cream, with chocolate pieces and crunchy malted mini balls. 

Thrifty’s ‘Rocky Road’
The one and only rocky road I have ever seen containing REAL almonds and REAL mini marshmallows SAY WHAAT!
*Unfortunately they are only available in California and Nevada (that I’m aware of)