This girl just prefers to chill with the dudes. ¬†Oh help me am I going to have to worry about her with all the boys once she’s older ūüėÄ hehe

It melted my heart to see how much Harley loved her aunties and uncles.


I’m super late posting this, but we’ve had a buttload of stuff going on lol. ¬†But a couple weeks ago we went on a much overdue trip to Jackson for my family reunion. ¬†None of us had ever been to Wyoming and I see pictures of the Yellowstone Geysers all over social media and the internet and I’ve been dying to go. ¬†This is the first time that I can recall actually checking a real item off my “Bucket List” ¬†(actually a few items were checked off this trip)
to say we had a wonderul time would be an understatement.  I mean just look at these photos!  I did no editing to these pictures, yet the colors are so vivid.
It was such a blast being with all my sisters (we get kinda lough, crazy and goofy…I LOVE IT) and my two brothers (my little bro is married now awww, and I got to know his wife a little better). ¬†Also, this hat was probably my favorite purchase of the entire trip (I don’t know hwy but I’m kinda on a hat kick right now). ¬†We never buy souvenirs, but the day we went to see the Geysers was also our 5 year anniversary that we had to get we both got hats. ¬†The best part is we both like both hats, so we’re gonna be interchanging them lol.
Yellowstone is definitely something to check off your list. ¬†Some tid bits I picked up along the way of things to know—-and think that of ya’ll might enjoy knowing—-i’ve listed below.

1.) Bring LOTS of water.  seriously carry a case in your trunk, maybe 2 or 3 depending on the size of your group.
2.) Flip-flops or tennies? ¬†Yellowstone you’re never really doing any “hiking” unlike the Tetons (which we also did) more like site seeing, but there can be lots of walking involved, so it’s up to you. ¬†I wore tennies because we visited quite a few spots.
3.) pack a lunch? ¬†There are a few lodges with shopping and cafeterias within driving distance of all the sites. ¬†We packed an ice chest full of food though and found a spot to sit and wait for the Ol’ Faithful geyser to go off, which is right outside a lodge, then we went and got ice cream (delicious!) ¬†So that also just depends on what you prefer…honestly the cafeteria food didn’t look like anything to write home about, our sandwiches and fruit were fine.
4.) is just a water bottle fine? ¬†So we brought a bunch of waters and I also packed my own water bottle (which you can refil at the lodge) but even then we ran out really fast. ¬†I’d honestly recommend just packing a few cases and keeping them in the car where you can grab them frequently.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend loves!



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