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I’m amazed that I’m even able to sit and write this post with all that’s been happening!  For whatever reason Kylie (who has been incredible going in the potty) decided to pee on top of the step stool to get on the toilet, rather than on the toilet itself….oh and she did that TWICE!  All within 1 hour!  Also she pooped in her panties…so that was our morning, need I even talk about the rest.

But anyway…life goes on, and of course I love my babies and wouldn’t send them back for all the poop free mornings in the world.

The best staple ever!

I’ve been completely spamming y’all on social media with my new obsession for these Make & Model t-shirts.  Seriously you guys, I LOVE them, you will not regret owning one, or five! (jk I don’t even own five, but I wouldn’t be opposed hehe).  I have the white one, and this navy which HELLO don’t you just love the color.  It’s rare that I find a navy top that goes well with jeans…maybe that’s just me, but I don’t really like blue on blue, but this tee works with everything! This is one of 3 staples that are my go to—not even kidding these 3 things are pretty much what i wear every. Single.  Day.
1.) Basic Tee–Bet ya can’t guess which Tee are my favorite….lol.  Of course these Make and Model ones are my current #1 But I do also like THESE $8 ones from Target too.(also THESE)

2.) Boyfriend jean—it took me forever to find my perfect boyfriend jean, now that I have I basically never wash them cause I wear them on the daily.  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my skinny jeans, but for the days I’m just doing things around the house, or running countless errands, I like my bf jeans.  I enjoy my clothes not feeling binding also the holes add for ventilation on those hot, hot days

3.) Sneaker or Tennies— I’m so, so glad sneakers are in style, because I would wear them either way and at least now i’m considered “stylish” with my sneakers lol.  They just make running around and playing at parks (with my kids…I don’t play at parks alone that’s creepy) so much easier.  I always reach for my adidas first beacause they’re easy to just slip on and off, I never untie them, plus they go with EVERYTHING!  Mine were a gift, but even so, they worth the investment in my mind.


“Blaming only surrenders your power”

-Louise Hay


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