Day after the hurricane subsided, we were so happy to have the sunshine back.  Kylie wanted to give the aloe plant a drink.  I love our new window sills, they are the perfect mini benches all along our living room wall.


This girl sleeps more peacefully during the rain.  The two nights that it rained none stop, she slept through the night like a hibernating bear.  ^^Her bonnet is by Shop_IndieMae

This was pretty much our life during Hurricane Harvey.  Snuggling, and lounging around.  Reading lots of books, watching Trolls until I had the whole thing memorized and eating strawberries and cracker goldfish.

I love these photos, and I will cherish them for years to come.  There’s just something about day to day moments that I’m able to capture that bring me so much joy and peace looking over them.  The one of Kylie girl with the plant and the one of Harley sleeping with her bunny are my two favorites.  They’re just so real.

I’ve been striving to savor and live “in the moment” more.  I’ve noticed that by doing so I my days feel so much more fulfilling.  And then I’m able to not feel so rushed to go from one errand, appointment, chore etc to the next.  I’m able to slow down and realize even moreso the many blessings and Simple Joys that surround me.  Like when President Uchtdorf came to see us while working on the flooded houses (see one post back or HERE) I didn’t get a picture with him, because it was more important to me to just BE in that moment, and memorize the feelings I had and the sweet spirit that was felt.
Stop to count your blessings daily and you’ll find they multiply.  One HUUUGE unexpected blessing today I’m typing on right now.  For our wedding anniversary Daniel has been repairing a laptop for me.  In his line of work he comes by tons of electronics, and some time ago a client replaced their laptop (which was in perfectly good condition) but doing so removed a lot of the vital parts it needs to run.  But Daniel kept the laptop, and has gradually been collecting the parts and putting the little computer back together for me.  And today he surprised me with it!  It’s cute, perfect and has a little piece of him in it.  I LOVE it!

Life has been so wonderful, and I feel so blessed and happy to be alive!

Have a wonderful rest of your week, and thank you so much for following along.


I don’t ‘know’ but I ‘hope’ and that’s enough”

Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were uplifted. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions xo
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