*There were many outfits but I had to use my camera as a bargain chip for my toddler to let me try more on 🙂

LOOK #1 

HAT | JEANS | TOP (in store only *Nordstrom)


DRESS | HAT | SNEAKERS (on sale!)


JEANS | TOP (on sale!)

Aside from Harley crying for so long in the fitting room that she chased everyone away, and Kylie peeing a lake at the register, it was a good day….:D

I desperately needed to get out of the house today…not just to grocery shop, or take kids to the doctor, but do something fun!  And I have gift card (or as I like it GUILT FREE CARD) So we went to the mall!!! Mom’s favorite place, lol.  Actually Kylie will quite frequently say “Go to Mall playground”  People at the store always ask me-aside from the often “you have your hands full” as I’m lifting one child into the stroller while another is strapped to my chest-“how do you do it?”  “Are you able to enjoy yourself with the whole crew tagging a long?” and so on.  The answer is “YES”  Even though I would much rather shop childless given the option (I DON’T want to shop in peace and take my time, i’d rather never have both hands free….said no mom EVER! 😉 ) But we found a routine that works for us.  And we all end up enjoying ourselves, I feel fulfilled after our Mall Day rather than wanting to pull my hair out.  Here are my tips
*RememBer there is no ONE RIGHT WAY to do things, this is just what has worked great for me 🙂

PACK SNACKS-this is a huuuge one.  Kids always seem to be hungry and they are like Jekyll vs Hyde when they’re hungry.  I’ll always have lots of Go-Go Squeeze, a couple apples (most resilient fruit in my mind), string cheese and crackers…yes all of those just for a couple hours. And LOTS of water.

LEAVE EARLY-Get there before most people are even awake.  It’s a 30 minute drive for us, so we leave by 9:30 so that we get right as everything opens.  Nothing is crowded.

THE SCHEDULE-Have a game plan. Harley sleeps on the drive there, so that’s her mini nap.  We go to the playground first.  That way the kiddos get some energy out after sitting in the car, and then they’re not nagging to go to the playground while I’m trying to get my shopping therapy on.

Kylie plays for a half hour or so, then we get either a Macaron from the Whoopi bakery, or something from the quarter machines.  I strap Harley to my chest and put Kylie in the stroller with her treats so she’s content while I shop.  And Harley is happy to get a break from the stroller so that keeps her content while I browse.  By the time I get to he fitting room they’re getting a little restless, so I pull out some snacks and let Harley play on the floor.  Kylie is good for about 15 minutes then if (and I always do) need more time I pull out the phone an let her play games.

BE FLEXIBLE-By then we’re at our wits end.  So if I want to go to another store, we either go ride the merry-go-round or the quarter rides (which what the heck! those rides are now like $2!!!) or we just go home.  Sometimes we only make it to one store and that’s ok.  Children’s moods are unpredictable and they ARE people, so don’t hold it against them if they just need to be done, and don’t hold it against yourself.

Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were uplifted. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions xo
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