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*These bonnets are my new absolute favorite accessory ever, I could just die!  But holy crap was it a nightmare trying to get these photos documented to share with ya’ll.  First She was sick, then we were hit by Hurricane Harvey (no taking pictures out in that thank you very much) then we had all the clean up and relief efforts happenig.  Then her K-9 teeth started coming in (NIGHTMARE!) which brought on a bad fever and runny nose for a solid week.  Now at last nearly 2 months after getting this in the mail, here they are!


This girl is an absolute DOLL!  I love how easy she smiles, her coy little grins and growl like laugh.  She brings so much joy into our family.  And her eyes…I could just die, they’re so bright and beautiful.  I was a total tomboy growing up.  So never ever in my life did I ever think that I’d be that mom obsessed with dressing her little girls up.  Even better, my urban, bohemian style is becoming a bigger and bigger trend among baby clothes.  Unfortunately the big box stores haven’t really caught on to this trend yet, so you have to seek out those independent shops…which adds even more character to the pieces I think.  And I’m all about supporting fellow mamas and small business owners.  One absolute favorite of mine is Indie Mae.  She makes the most adorable (fantastic quality I might add) bonnets and other things.  I get so many compliments on Harley’s bonnet, and how she looks like a doll.  Just browse Shop_indimae on instagram and you’ll immediately fall in love.  She has adorable bunny ear bonnets that are totally on my “to-get” list for both girls.  Can you imagine for Easter! Oh my holy cuteness!
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*This post was sponsored by SHOP_INDIEMAE

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