perfumeDress similar | Lip color shade ‘xyz’ | boots (on sale!) & less expensive HERE

I wanted to share some things with ya’ll today that have really been making my days better, and overall happier.  They are minor but major in results.  ps. with these boots, they are over the knee, but I just folded the upper cuff inward because they were taller than the hem of my dress.


You guys I’m in LOVE with this perfume.  for ages my signature scent has been Dolce & Gabana N3.  But alas I’ve run dry.  I only buy one bottle of perfume every few years (holy crap perfume is expensive!)  I got this one, and wow does it smell divine!  I actually first fell in love with it when we went to dinner for Daniel’s birthday and then he surprised me by taking me to Nordstrom to sample perfumes and colognes 😀 (fyi he hates shopping lol) We both loved this one.  If you haven’t smelled it yet, you MUST!  It’s just the right amount of sweet and floral, without being too sweet.  Not like cupcake sweet (not a fan of baked good smells unless it’s the real thing).
Another one I have my eye on is THIS ONE.  It’s on my Christmas list, or I might just break my cardinal rule and get it too.  It also smells amaaaazing and is perfect for fall.  It’s spicy and sweet with just the right amount of musty…ugh trying to describe smells is like trying to explain what salt tastes like.  Just go try it!  It was reaaaly difficult to chose between these two.  Ultimately I went with the YSL because of the memory of me and Daniel finding it together.


*Night before prep*
-Do some light cleaning (or heavy cleaning if you have the time and energy).  When I wake up to an already clean home, my stress levels don’t sky rocket.
-If you have an outing planned pack the DIAPER BAG before going to bed.


1-) WAKE UP BEFORE KIDDOS-This one is huge!  Even if it’s just 10 minutes.  Just give yourself some time to mentally settle into the day.

2-) MAKE YOUR BED-I took a “success for life” class way back in college and they talked about how making your bed every morning jump starts you mentally into an already successful and productive day.

3-) READ SCRIPTURES-me and Daniel get up at 6 before he gets ready to leave so that we can read scriptures together.  It completely makes all the differnce in our days.  Sometimes we sleep in or forget, and there is a noticible difference in my days when that happens.  Not to say that my days are horrible like the lord punishes us for not reading-no that’s not how He is-but my day is BETTER and I’m more patient when we DO read.  Then I do my best to read on my own as well.  Typically do this when the girls are still sleeping right after Daniel leaves for work.

4-) GET READY-Even if all you do is put concealer on those break outs or a little bit of mascara-my routine has recently been eye brow touch up and mascara-and definitely get out of those pajamas (this one is the hardest for me).

5-) DO SOME EXERCISE-Even if it’s just a short walk with the kiddos, DO something.  I’ll do Yoga while the girls are still sleeping-if they’re still sleeping-or I’ll do crunches while we chill and play in Kylie’s room.