There’s seriously nothing better than a dress that makes you feel slim and sexy.  But not all body con dresses are created equal.  Trust me I know.  I try on every fitted dress I come across.  Because if the fabric is too thin then it actually accentuates every teeny tiny little unflattering dip and line.  Or sometimes they are snug in all the wrong places.  Here are some things I generally look for.

FABRIC TEXTURE-If it’s nylon or thin fabric then chances are it’s going to reveal every little crease that you don’t want attention brought to.  Look for a fabric that is durable (doesn’t have to be thick, but somewhat thick), even better if it’s lined

RUSHING-Any dress that has bunched rushing around the waist area is going to be flattering.  It disguises any little rolls or belly.

This one by Leith was a hit. I snagged it during the anniversary sale and I wish I would have gotten more colors (ie the pink/nude, and black)  It’s thick without being heavy and hot, and the fabric is sooo soft.   I love that it’s fitted, but not to the point of squeezing the life out of me.  And the color is so versatile.  I’ve honestly been wearing it every day for the last week.  I wore it to church and then to the Library with the girlies, and of course I ran into like 3 people from church!  I’m like “uhhhhhh yes I do have more than this one outfit” repeat offender!  But I don’t even care, because it’s so comfy.

Only DOWNSIDE-I personally don’t like the slit in the front.  The dress rides up a little more than I would like, which wouldn’t be a problem if the slit weren’t there.  Not a dress for tall people unless you don’t mind short dresses.  (I’m 5’5″ for reference).

Have a wonderful Thursday evening ya’ll!

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