I strongly urge you to keep a journal if you are not already.  These moments with your little people passs soooo flippin’ fast.  Sometimes I shock myself in not being able to remember yesterday…only that the girls did something really funny.
We enjoy walks in nature and it’s been so nice outside I feel like I’m mission out on a slice of heaven by not soaking up every moment in the outdoors 🙂

Harley is so close to running on her own.  Her record is 3 steps and she only falls because she starts trying to move faster than her body will allow.  She’s my “go-getter” girl for sure.  I went to dig out Kylie’s old shoes out of storage so Harley could move more freely outside (since that’s where we spend most of our time these days) but surprise, surprise.  She did NOT like the shoes…and she has no problem letting us know her opinion.  She would stand, take a step then just look me in the eye and squawk or cry, as if saying “why did you do this to me!?”
But fortunately we got these moccasins in the mail for the girls.  And they were right.  Moccasins are so much easier for babies to learn to walk in.  Kylie was the same way, she always preferred her moccs and wore them to the point of having holes…I figured it was just a fluke, but no, Harley is the same way AND now that she has a pair again, Kylie only wants to wear her moccasins.
I think it’s becuase they add just enough protection from the bumps and pokeys outside, but have enough give so they still feel natural…like going barefoot.  Harley NEEEVER has a problem wearing her moccs, and she walks just fine.  Sometimes she’ll pass out and not wanting to wake her I’ll just lay her in the crib with them still on, and she’ll stay asleep like it’s nothing…how many shoes can you do that with?!
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