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I think I unlocked a whole new level of “Picture Bribery” tee hee! AKA DOUGHNUTS!
These girlie girls are my pride and joy…they are constantly doing new cute things every day I can’t keep up.  Just the other day when I said to Kylie “How’s my Kylie girl doin’?”  she said back, “I’m good.  What’s my mama girl doin’?” Haha (insert high pitch squeals here). I’m prob the only one that thinks that’s cute but who cares haha.
I love everything about these photos.  My dear friend commented on one by saying “it completely captures the beauty of motherhood.”  I loved that, and it inspired me to take a moment to really look at the photos.  To study their faces, and to recall the feelings while taking them.  I feel that in today’s world it’s so easy to just snap a photo, then hurry and post it with some on the fly quote that was actually meticulously thought out.  And then we lose the essence of the photograph, what it captures, and what it means.

We stayed up watching the World Series game last night.  I’m SOOOOOOOO HAPPY the Astros did it!  it was so inspiring and touching how much not only Houston but America wanted the Astros to take it home.  They were the underdog team-and have been for so long-not to mention that Houston just went through a Hurricane which left devastating damage on our city.  I don’t even like baseball, but that Texas Pride is contagious and since living in Houston…doesn’t matter, we cheer for our teams!
Game 5 was honestly the most exciting game though.  It went until 1 in the morning, but it was so intense we couldn’t switch it off.


But anyway, back to these little munchkins.  Just so you know, Ashley Rose clothing can custom make your orders.  These suspender skirts can also be made into bloomers.  Also so adorable.  And they are so much better in person.  The quality is so well made, and doesn’t feel like it’s going to rip apart as soon as the girls start, well, playing in them.  The colors are perfect for fall, and I love that you can layer under and over them with some tights, a sweater, long sleeve, but you can also just throw on a short sleeve onesie for the hotter days.  So these will definitely be put to use year round!

Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were uplifted. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions xo
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