*Scroll to the bottom for the “BTP” aka my behind the scenes of the photos*

We had the neighbor kids over for a movie night and the movie referenced Blockbuster Video.  (You know the video store that was wiped off the face of the earth by Redbox and Netflix) And the kids had no idea what Blockbuster was!!! WOW and so the “Am I that old” comments begin.
But really where would we be without Netflix.  I compiled a few of our favorite picks, for the girls and for me and Daniel when we relax and watch shows after the girls are in bed.  Some of these  you may or may not know are even on there.  I’m making this list because a bunch of my friends had no idea half of these were even there.



  • Trolls
  • Smurfs ‘The lost Village’ (Kylie current favorite)
  • Sing
  • Super Why
  • Paddington (we kinda skip over the weird creepiness of the villain in this one)
  • Chicken Run
  • Phineas and Ferb
  • Meet the Robinsons


  • Stranger things (it’s taken Daniel a year to convince me to watch this with him.  The rules are I can wake him up any time I get scared in the middle of the night, and he has to come to wait outside the bathroom door for me at nights lol)  But actually it hasn’t been as scary as I thought.
  • Fighting (haven’t seen this yet but it’s on our to watch list)
  • The Office
  • Sing Street
  • Parks and Recreation


  • Mean Girls
  • Rumor has it
  • Safe Haven



So these photo actually weren’t too chaotic to shoot.  I’d just come home from the gym, Daniel headed straight out the door to work, and I wanted to get in the shower before putting on real clothes, but of course I was pulled away constantly by mama I want food, mama I want help, mama I’m thirsty, mama please sit with me.  And of course a crying Harley in the back ground whenever she ran out of food on her tray.  I just took a deep breath, and decided to live in the moment of my daughter just wanting to BE with me.  She was so still and chill that I decided to attempt getting a few shots of us/her.