If talking poop makes you feel poopy then X out now 😀

But really constipation is NOT fun, and it doesn’t feel any less worse for little people.  Constipation can can make babies and toddlers irritable, hurt, feel sick and can cause them to lose their appetite…which then turns into a vicious cycle of not eating to being cranky because they’re not eating.

1-) Stay hydrated- This doesn’t mean juice box after juice box .  Sugary beverages high in fructose corn syrup (like most juices are) actually make constipation WORSE.  Water is the best, or FRESH juices.  Sports drinks are better than nothing too.

2-) Eat hydrating foods-did you know that food is actually a HUGE part in keeping regulated?  Eat food rich in fiber and natural water content.  Aka fresh fruits and veggies.  And if your kids “won’t” eat them, just remember that kids will eat whatever is in front of them.  However they are creatures of habit that love routine.  Anytime you change up the routine there will be some push back.  But stay strong and they will realize that this is the way things are now.  The natural man will always give in…if fruit is the only food option for the day…they won’t starve themselves forever. 😉  Ha ha maybe that isn’t your parenting style, but ask yourself….”who’s in charge?” Do you even know?

3-) Exercise-Physical activity gets things moving in your body.  Don’t let your kids sit in front of the Tv or tablet all day.  And it really doesn’t take a lot for their little bodies to respond.  But remember for it to improve regulation is has to be a little more than what they’re used to.  Example: you can’t assume that since they played at recess they got their exercise for the day (true they exercised) but if they’re constipated then that apparently isn’t enough and you need to do a little extra (not a TON but something more)

*Hope those tips help.  And I’ll add my disclaimer by saying that I’m no pediatrician.  But I am a professional in the health industry, and I will brag a bit in saying that my girls have incredible metabolisms, and eat lots of fruits and veggies…this all was by no accident or coincidence.  I made an effort to get them there.  So I’m giving my advice from personal experience and success.
You’re doing great mamas!  Help your kiddos be healthy 😀

Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were uplifted. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions xo
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