Leaping lizards!
Well it’s been a good start to the weekend.  I got a ton of cleaning done today, and all in time to still start dinner!  While driving home from the gym this morning I saw a large leaf blow under my wiper blade, then it popped back up!  It wasn’t a leaf, it was a little lizard fighting desperately to keep a grip on the wiper and not fly away.  “Oh no!” I totally said it out loud alone in my car.  “oh no! Oh no! Oh no!”
I pulled over into a lot as soon as I could and gentle manage to pick him up off the car (I always loved catching lizards as a kid, this brought back so many happy memories).  He was super chill, I was tempted to put him in the car with me so that I could take him home to his friends and family. LOL yes that literally went through my mind.  I thought it prob wouldn’t be a good idea.  So I carried him to some bushes and let him go there.  I felt so proud of myself haha. It feels good to be kind.
I hope all of you have a wonderful stress free weekend.