-Oh no thank you, I’m not giving my baby sweets just yet ūüôā
Wow, deprive your child much?

-You need to only feed your child organic
What!¬† You won’t let your kid have a doughnut?! you MONSTER!

-Your kid isn’t getting enough protein.
You’re feeding your toddler meat. How barbaric!

-Don’t put sunscreen on them. So many chemicals
Whaaat are you thinking!  Carry  sun block everywhere! Do you want them to die!

-Don’t vaccinate your kids, how ignorant are you?
They don’t have their shots.¬† You must not love them

-Cut up those grapes first
You’re ocd

-Uhhh you let them play in the dirt?¬† Don’t you know anything?
Just let them be kids!  Goodness

-Darling, you really shouldn’t let them watch so much TV
Your poor child is so deprived.¬† Why can’t they watch a few minutes of Moana

-Don’t give them that sugary crap
Wow up tight much.¬† A few sweets aren’t going to kill them.

-You let them lick the cookie bowl?  Really? Do you know about salmonella?
C’mon be a fun mom.

-I can’t believe you are yelling at your child in the middle of the check out line.¬† You’re embarrassing the rest of us
Uhhh sweetie you need to discipline him right here right now.  You just let him walk all over you.

-Public school is evil, I can’t believe you would do that to them.
Homeschool? Your child is going to be socially inept, and die miserable and unhappy.

Goodness does any of this sound familiar?¬† This was all in good fun and humor, but the crazy thing is, these were all things I heard, read, (on friends’ facebook pages and instagram) overheard or had said to me.¬† Some person actually ignorantly made that comment to a friend of mine, that because she didn’t vaccinate her kids, she didn’t love them.¬† HAHA I have to laugh at the stupidity of that one, to actually claim a mother doesn’t love their child because they may not do things the exact way you do.
I feel with the modern age and so much different information and opinions so easily accessible, it gets crazy just trying to be the best you can be.¬† Not too mention it’s easier for cowards to be bold and rude by posting, commenting and spamming your pictures, posts etc with their negative and single minded opinions.
Just ignore all the stuff on the side line mamas.¬† You’re are doing great.¬† We are all doing the best we can.¬† ¬†Just do what you feel is best for your child.¬† No kid is the same, no solution is the exact same either.¬† Appreciate the wisdom of others and take it with a grain of salt at times.¬† And above all, in everything you do, do and say it with kindness.


Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were uplifted. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions xo
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