OMG!  So on this hike so many funny-not so funny at the time-things happened.  All of them to do with not having bathrooms.  If you don’t like TMI stories X out now lol.

More than just Jenny’s Lake

Obviously me and Kylie girl had a fun hike with the family, and Jenny’s Lake was beautiful.  But on the way there (like 90 min drive from our cabin) I had to pee sooo bad!  And of course there was nothing in sight, not even a ghetto port-a-potty.  And then the rest of the fam decides to stop at-a very beautiful look out point I will say-and take photos.  NOOO, like c’mon you guys!  i never had to go so bad in my life.  If you know me then ya’ll know that I NEVER go to the bathroom outside.  I hate it, I’d rather hold it to the point of cramping…so that will tell you how badly I needed to go.  I gave in to my aunt telling me to just go outside.  But that presented another problem, it’s summertime at a popular place…yeah there were people everywhere.  So my sister Grace and auntie opened two doors of our two cars and stood in front so I was somewhat hidden, then I went…and it never seemed to end! lol.  My legs started cramping up and I thought i’d topple over.  Fortunately my will power to avoid total embarrassment (as if I hadn’t reached that point already) was stronger than my legs.

Like mother like daughter

Kylie girl did so good.  We hiked for miles and she walked pretty much the entire thing herself.  But I could tell she was winding down and just needed to get to a place to rest.  The rest of the fam wanted to go to the falls, but me and kylie headed back to the ferry…oh yeah + we were out of water and I was sick and on the verge of a cough attack.  So we got to the ferry, got water and snacks then headed to the cars.  there was a misunderstanding aka bad guessing-we all got separated and I thought my mom and dad would have been back at the cars by now too….WRONG.  We get there and are locked out of the cars.  So we just chilled for an hour.  It really wasn’t too bad, we had access to water and shade.  But I was feeling crappy, Kylie was getting restless and just wanted to sleep. Then she had to go to the bathroom.  and she WOULD NOT use the port-a-potty.  They terrified her.  so I found a tree and held her up to do her thing….this happened three more times…two of which were poop.  LOL.  it was one of those moment I was really wishing my husband was there.

Funny how in those moments of discomfort we want to hurt someone or just die.  But then later we realize they really weren’t that bad, and we’re actually happy to have these stories to tell.

Thanks for reading ya’ll


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