I’ve had my fair share of Christmas’ when money was tight.  I discovered during those difficult times that there are ways to still be happy and have a Christ’s love filled home without expensive decorations.  I even though I’m still in a better place-financially-than some other years past, I still don’t have the “go buy every little Christmas trinket my heart desires” budget quite yet.  But our Christmas is still magical, and I am happy!  So I want to share some of my Christmas on a tight budget” tips and ideas with ya’ll today.  No matter who you are.  I believe there is power in not spending frivolously (able to afford it or not).

1-) Put twinkle lights everywhere!  The warm glow of lights makes everything better and happier.  it’s like having little angels of light all around you saying “hello there”.  I put some upstairs in our loft forever ago and it’s been my favorite room.  These are the ones I have, I love them because the strands are long.  And If you can’t afford lights, borrow some!

2-) Candles  I’m pretty much a burn candles all year round kind of girl.  But I read a research article that said smells are more likely to cheer you up than eating.  And you don’t have to spend $$$$ on candles.  Since I burn through them so flippin’ fast-especially this time of year-I just get the $3 Mainstays ones from Walmart.  They last a decent amount, and are pretty fragrant.  (hint: get the 3 wick-3 wick candles burn better in general I think)
My favorite scents for winter are Evergreen Spruce, Mulled Cider, Cozy Comfort, By The Fire

3-) DIY gold stars- I made these gold stars with Kylie to hang in her room, I liked them so much I made some for the downstairs windows.  All you need is some gold paper (from Michale’s, $1 a sheet-the sheets are big), a star shaped cookie cutter-or star shaped anything-glue-stick, string.  Just trace the star-on the white side of paper-glue 2 together with the sting glued in between as well.  Or you can glue the papers together, then just use a hole punch for the string.
2 pieces of the gold paper made 8 double sided stars.

4-) Make cookies with your littles-Making cookies with Kylie brings back so many fond memories for me.  When we were just a one car family, and before Harley was born.  I’d turn on some Christmas tunes.  And me and Kylie would clean the house together-aka I cleaned while she waddled around behind me-then we’d light a candle, and make some cookies.  I’d let her stir, pour in ingredients, play with the dough.  We had all the time in the world so I didn’t mind letter her help. Here’s my GO-TO famous cookie recipe

5-) Christmas music-Music has the wonderful ability to lift your spirits and set the mood.  We’ve been playing Christmas music non stop.  We have Google Play, and when you cast to the TV it has a little fireplace that comes up on your TV screen.  I LOVE this, especially since we don’t have a fireplace this year.

6-) Light The WorldAnyone can take part in this and I strongly recommend it.  It’s a list of ways you can be more like Christ this Christmas season.  Which is ultimately the point of Christmas right? What better way to bring the spirit of Christmas into your home than trying to be more Christ like?  Every day for 25 days there is a short (like 10 seconds) clip of how you can serve or #LightTheWorld for that day.  GO HERE to see the videos and find out more.  You can do something every one of the 25 days, or just 5.  It’s really just personal.

Hope some of these suggestions were helpful

Merry Christmas and HAPPY DECEMBER everybody!

Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were uplifted. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions xo
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