Went to sit down on the toilet, and stepped in a puddle of pee.  That pretty much sums up how my day was 🙁

So today (eh-hem…my BIRTHDAY of all days) I called my mom crying after finally getting the girls to bed after a long day of pee puddles, whining, and melt downs.  Not to mention residual pain from my recent illness starting to creep back into my ribcage.
I vented and told her how frustrated I was feeling.  That I feel I’m losing my edge on this whole mom thing.  That today was a day I hated being a mom.  How tired I was of constantly cleaning up mess after mess after mess, only feeling like a turtle on it’s back paddling their heart out but not moving anywhere.
She reassured me that EVERY mom has those days.  That it doesn’t make me a bad person.  I’m allowed to have those thoughts and feelings.  Motherhood is harder than ANY professional job out there.  And it’s 10 times less appreciative-in this life-but how it’s investing in things eternal.  “It’s worth it.  I promise you it’s worth it.”  Is what she said.  “The devil does his best to make it look unappealing and unattractive.  But I feel this is just a sign that so much good is about to follow this tough time, it always does.  Satan makes you jump off the bridge before you get the river of blessings.”
Talking with her really calmed me down.  Then I decided to pick back up with my Gratitude Journal.  I was determined to not let the little bad things mask the good that happened today.
Then something magical happened.  As I wrote down the tiny blessings and tender mercies of the-chaotic-day I realized just how good the day really was.  My sweet friend bringing me a birthday card + gift card to one of my favorite restaurants.  The things I was able to accomplish today.  The surprise gift from my in laws.  All the genuine and sweet birthday wishes from friends and family, the uplifting visit with my neighbor, the packages from my sister and aunt….  I started to feel a happy, loving warmth wrap itself around me.  I realized how heavenly father really carried me through the day (despite the pain I was in and the fatigue I felt) and sent so many sweet people my way.  So my SECRET WEAPONS to getting through any day.
2-) CHOOSE to focus on the good

Yes we all have those days. We have a million and one things to do, and yes we
leave the house in our sweats, 3 day unwashed hair & no makeup. You’re not alone!



















I swear kids know and scheme on when is the most inconvenient time to have a melt down. Maybe the whole “Boss Baby”
meeting thing isn’t that far fetched. This was a day we were trying to take some desperately wanted photos, and she
was just done. I wouldn’t let her bolt into the street traffic so she screamed and squirmed refusing to let me hold her.
So I had Daniel snap some shots anyway…go with the flow.


















But then they always have their sweet moments that remind you why you keep them lol. I’ve been trying to live by “Be present. Live in the moment” and I tell myself with the good ones to soak it all in, and with the bad I think, “this moment cannot stay in this state forever. So just breathe
mama, and let it pass.” Your little ones love you. Yes they know how to push buttons. But they love you. They admire you.  And you love them. 




In the end just let yourself be happy. CHOOSE to be happy. FIND the good in the day. There is so much wonder and beauty that surrounds you.

“You can choose to focus on the negative.  Or you can choose to focus on the positive.  Either way, it’s a choice”



  1. Joi thanks for the amazing words of wisdom. Funny how those of us that know and love you only see the incredible mom, wife and woman you are.

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