I’m gonna dive right into this, becuase who doesn’t LOVE talking about hair care.  There are so many fantastic products out there, but they are NOT all fantastic for you.  It gets so overwhelming finding and choosing what you will love and what is worth the pricepoint etc. etc.  So hopefully this post will give you some ideas and something to go off of.

I’m going to break this down into 2 catagories.  Hair products and hair tools that are my current favorites.  Some I just started using about 2 months ago, and some I’ve used for I can’t even remember how long.

To give you a point of reference I’ll fill you in on MY hair type so you can compare and adjust my tips as needed.
* I have put my hair through the mills!  There’s no question.  I’ve bleached, dyed and re-bleached my hair within the last 3 years.  I have naturally dry hair, that is very thick and VERY course.






*talking about in order from top, left to right 😀

MOROCCANOIL HAIR TREAMENT:  This stuff is amaaazing.  You don’t need much at all…even for my course hair I only use 3 pumps MAX.  Typically I apply after washing, to towel dried hair + it smells incredible which is always a plus.

PUREOLOGY HYDRATE SHAMPOO: So I only use the shampoo.  For two reasons.  1) I just use a deep conditioner in place of a conditioner anyway 2) according to the ‘Think Dirty’ app, the Pureology conditioner has many tested health risk factors due to the ingredients and for one other reason, I’ve simply never felt that it hydrates my hair to the standard I like.

MOROCCANOIL REPAIR MASK:  I have only good things to say about all Moroccanoil products.  This mask has been a saving grace for years.  I use it once a week (I only was my hair once a week so I guess just every time I wash my hair)  It is kinda pricy (I get my my products like this half off with my massage license) so if you don’t want to make the splurge just yet, HERE is another hair mask that I really, really like that’s more affordable.

RUSK LEAVE IN CONDITIONER:  My little sis Kristi introduced me to this.  I know what else to say other than every time I put it in my (wet) hair, it drys smooth and uber soft!  You only need a dime size amount.

WET-BRUSH:  Oh Wet Brush.  How is it that no one thought of this simple little invention sooner!?  Because personally I like to brush product through my hair when it’s wet.  But doing that with a regular brush can cause major breakage. NO, NO. Invest in a wet brush for reals!

OUCHLESS HAIR-TIES:  There are many variations of an ouchless hair tie.  But these have always been my favorite.  They are unique, kinda feel bohemian, and they don’t leave kinks in your hair, they ALSO prevent split ends and breakage in any area that you would otherwise use a pony

BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT B3 BONDER:  Okay so this is something that my hairdresser used on me and my mind was BLOWN! (pun hehehe).  If you’re familiar with Olaplex, it’s very, very similar…okay basically the exact same thing, only this in my opinion is BETTER!  You can add it to color or bleach to help lighten your hair in a healthier manner, only this does NOT slow the processing time, so your stylist won’t charge as much extra like with Olaplex (eh hem, we’re talking like 100-200+  when using Olaplex).  But you can also use B3 as stand alone conditioning treatment too.  She did a deep condition on me and holy cow my hair was so soft and felt so healthy even though I just bleached it!  Again it’s a little more on the $$$ side.  I get a discount so that makes things easier, BUT it’s on major sale HERE (I’m talking marked down from $118 to $45!).


CONAIR CURLING IRON: To this day, my favorite curling iron is THIS one I bought 4 years ago for 50 cents at a yard sale! I will always remember that day.  I scored a curling iron, from this sweet Hispanic family, and they sold me some of their homemade tamales 😀
I like the simple brands (Conair, revlon) because I feel like they don’t clamp the hair so tight, because while curling my hair I do a lot of clamp, curl, move down. Repeat.  *TIP get the shiny one, NOT the matte one.  The matte one has a little plastic lip at the top of the barrel that hair gets snagged on when releasing the curl.  Theeee most ANNOYING thing ever!

GHD FLAT IRON ‘GOLD EDITION’: Okay so let me start by saying I feel so incredibly, ridiculously blessed for owing this flat iron.  My aunt went all out and got me this for Christmas.  I wasn’t expecting this one at all.  But I will say if you want a long lasting, straightener that can take on any thickness or texture of hair.  This is your gold lady 😀
For a more affordable option I used THIS one for 10 years before it finally gave up the ghost, and I LOVED it.  I never found any reason to replace it, it worked better than any of my friend’s that I would use.

BABYLISS NANO DRYER (on SALE!): I’ve owned many hair dryers in my life.  And all of them were “meh, whatever” and it never occurred to me that a hair dryer (when made right) could make my life better!  This drys sooo fast, it’s quiet, it has force and temp settings.  My entire family now loved drying their hair because of this.  Another Christmas gift that I’m so grateful for. I’d recommend another, but like I said, I never owned what I felt was a good hair dryer until now.  If YOU have suggestions though please them in the comments for other readers to get some ideas.  Share the lOVE!


Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were uplifted. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions xo
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