It was a wonderful day of sunny skies, perfect weather…an extra long, extra fun visit from my dear friend (Jess) and 2 of her littles.  We played with chickens, went back to elementary school days with games of “PIG” ate apples, donuts and fresh milk.  Kylie and Harley have absolute dolls all day.
This afternoon I was hit by a lot of pain-that time of the month ya know-worse than I’ve ever had-So I’ve been laying down literally for 85% of the day with my hot pad (thank you Kayley) and the girls have been so great about just playing by themselves while I lay on the couch, on the bed…wherever.  So I’m laying on my bed and Kylie comes up to me.  

“Mama.  I’m going to help you feel better, okay.”
She starts massaging my arm with her little hands, then plants a kiss on it.
“You’re all better now.”  Oh my heart.  I about died.

I’ve been all about the distressed jeans lately.  It kinda crept up on me like an addiction.  At first I was ok with a hole here and there, and now my jeans are more holes than jean-ok not quite that extreme-so HONEST REVIEW of these jeans.


-hole placement
-overall style


-too stretchy for my taste (i sized down initially then after taking these pictures had to go size down again because the stretch became so baggy)
-a little thin…I like my jeans to have a little thickness-feel of durability them.  This is just a personal preference.