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Well despite being on my period, still getting over my pneumonia (still kind of a mystery), and 3 of the 5 days playing single mom until 10pm, it was a surprisingly good week.  I prayed and prayed daily for the mental strength and energy to “enjoy the moment” keep my kids alive (lol) and feel happy.  What can I say, prayers work (go figure haha).  I seriously felt so carried through this week.  The girls were fantastic.  Even when I was in so much pain and laying on the bed with my heating pad, barely able to keep my eyes open, the girls would play together in my room and let me rest 5 minutes here and there.  ANGELS!  Now I’m ready to tackle another week and we have some fun stuff planned….I always make fun plans and often times weather, unexpected obligations or lack of energy thwarts them…but I feel it always good to at least have a plan that way you and your girls have things to look forward to.

Dress | Booties (old) similar HERE (on sale!) | Lipstick MAC ‘Peach Blossom’ | Cardi

My absolute Favorite Tee on sale! HERE | So many other colors HERE


Joggers (the best!) | Top | Sneakers

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