So I’m all snuggled up with Kylie under the blankets, reading her favorite books before bed.  Having what I thought was a tender moment you want to last forever….until she tells me-in her sweet voice-“I don’t love you.  Just daddy.”

Wow.  Gee, thanks.   No big deal.    I ‘m just the one taking care of you for the majority of the time.  I thought we did fun things during the day.  make your meals.  I even made a conscious effort to stay off my phone and away from the tv today to give you my undivided love and attention.  But oh no.  You still love daddy more.  Well thank you.  What a wonderful way to end my long exhausting day.

How many of you have been here before?  Please tell me I’m not the only one!
Obviously I know she’s just saying things to say them, because they sound funny to her (i hope that’s all ^_^ ) and doesn’t actually mean she only loves her dad.  But still…OUCH!

So because of this, I’m choosing to make a list of things I love about her and what makes her the wonderful little human she is….keep scrolling


Words that describe Kylie:  Kind, angelic, intelligent (sooo flippin’ intelligent), playful, smart, loving, tender, sensitive, timid, funny, gentle, cautious, obedient, mature, conscientious, determined,

  • This little girl has been more than my first baby…she’s been a friend, a teacher and example, a comfort during a lonely & difficult time, a light in our world.
  • She’s so good and pure through and through.
  • Her beautiful eyes and sing song voice melt my heart and calm me.
  • Even when she’s disobedient or difficult, she only wants to please, and to feel and BE loved.
  • She is so incredibly smart. She’s creative and artistic.  She can color for 2 hours straight (I know because that happened today).
  • This girl has the biggest imagination and it’s one of my favorite things to hear her talk to her toys as if they were alive.
  • Her favorite food is popsicles, she loves PawPatrol and the Toy Story theme song.  She sings all the time and loves to read and loves learning to read.
  • She lights up when you mention shapes, numbers and colors (she can name more shapes than many adults I know).
  • Chores are one of her favorite things to do.  Cleaning the windows/mirrors and mopping all belong to HER and don’t you dare try to do them without her consent 😉