Officially off sugar but first let me stuff this ice cream in my face!
I’ve gone a full year+   without sugar before.  I know I can do it.  It was easier to stay away from it when I was pregnant with Kylie and nursing her.  Because her body rejected it and had no problem letting my body know it.  But now with Harley, she wasn’t nearly as sensitive to it when I was preggers, so it’s been easier to lapse back into eating sugary foods that really do so much damage to me physically, mentally and emotionally.  Sugar really is like a drug, especially to my body.  I become fatigued, get headaches, and spiral into depression.  I’m not just imaging this, I’ve experimented, traced things back to it and have allowed my family to sneak it into my diet to test the theory…it always has the same effect.


I’ve always been a health nut, and don’t since entering my adult years never really liked sweets.  But I’m going to open up a little bit and honestly say that lately, I’ve lost the will to even care.  I don’t know why.  Daniel says it’s because with two kids I don’t have the energy to put my spare time-because I have very little-into working out and eating like a nature lover haha.  But it’s more than that.  I use to find JOY in health, and exercise, and I bursted at the seams to share it with others, especially here on my blog.  But I haven’t done a fitness or health post in over a year!  Maybe since being healthy and fit has become such a huge fad now-or at least more visible because of social media-it’s lost it’s uniqueness to me.  Now rather than feeling like I’m sharing my knowledge, people have their own opinions and knowledge from various sources-which is great-but they seem to have little to no interest in hearing from anyone else now.
I’ve come up with a game plan to get me on track and excited again, and I feel they could really help anyone who’s in a rut with their fitness and diet goals.

So I tried working out early morning….which meant 5:30 am with Dan’s work schedule etc. + going to bed before 10 pm was impossible, so then I always needed a nap during the day which was very difficult and most times impossible to get.  So I was more exhausted to go the next day and it was just a vicious cycle.  Then I tried evenings when Daniel got home.  And after a long day with the girls I felt so fatigued at the gym and really didn’t get much done + it’s a 20 minute drive to our gym so 40 min travel time just sucks.
So what to do??? I’m going to work out during Harley’s first nap time.  She goes down at 9 am like clockwork.  I’ll turn on a show for Kylie and do my workout then!  I’m super excited for this!

I don’t know what it is, but new workout attire just puts me in the mood to get fit!  It’s like “hey, look at me! look how legit I am!”

Do you ever get the urge to drop and do 20 crunches because you feel strong enough.  But stop because you’re in your skinny jeans?  (guilty!)  Especially when I get into a workout regime, it becomes an addiction.  I want to do small workouts any spare moment.  So I’ve decided to wear my workout clothes until noon everyday.  Then during lunch take a shower.  That way I get lots of time to fit workouts in but can still get ready for the day within reasonable time.

Set realistic short term goals.  Then reward yourself once you hit them.  For me, I’m going to reward myself once I’ve done some for of fitness 6 days a week 1 month.  For you, you might need to do weekly rewards or bi-weekly, whatever keeps you motivated.  The rewards don’t even have to be huge.  Just treat yourself to something you wouldn’t normally.  A manicure, a massage, a new lipstick, a magazine, whatever.

This one is probably the most important and the most overlooked.  Being healthy is a way of life, not a hit it and quit it sort of deal.  You can be slender and still be out of shape and have a body full of toxins.  It’s not about size or weight.  It’s about FEELING and HEALTH.