“If you try your best to be the best parent you can be, you will have done all that a human being can do and all that God expects you to do.”

-Jeffrey R. Holland

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Piles of dirty dishes.  Clean and dirty clothes mixed together because the baby is in an “I want to pull anything and everything out of drawers and hampers” phase.  Lots of peeing in parking lots and sides of roads.  Poopy diapers.  Outfit changes.  And now instead of smelling like Versace, my car smells like cracker goldfish and baby powder.  Why did I sign up for this…?  Really why?  Oh yeah, because somehow by a crazy miracle it makes me happy at the end of the day.We’ve gotten very good at peeing outside wherever that may be.  (Just Kylie, NOT me lol) It doesn’t happen as often anymore, but at least once a month it will.  Just last week in fact, outside of B&BW after picking up some candles (which are oN SALE btw!).  So I think we’re ok for another month or so haha.  Also the other day-it could not have been timed more perfect-while taking these pics I had to change Harley clothes because of a poop mishap.

ps. We just finished the Amazing Race finale!  And I’m soooo happy that Jess & Cody won.  We saw them on Big Brother where they first met, and I love how they’ve stayed a couple.  I think Cody is the most hilarious thing, and so entertaining to watch because he is a BEAST in challenges.


MONDAY & TUESDAY: I watch a little girl Kylie’s age for a friend for a few hours every Mon & Tues.  So these days are typically dedicated to CLEANING. CLEANING. CLEANING.  I’ll do the basic house chores + laundry.  If there is time I’ll re-organize some things.  I’m one who like to alway change or improve the way things are organized or arranged in my house.  Yes I’m Aquarius 😉
After Kylie’s friend goes home, Harley will take a nap  (both if I’m lucky) and Kylie will have quiet time.  She’s loving coloring books right now.  These are great (they come with stickers and durable paper). Then we’ll go on a quick outing or just outside if I’m low energy.

WEDNESDAY:  This our grocery day & errand day + Daniel’s half day 😀  After errands me and the girls are pretty much beat.  Then by afternoon Daniel is home so he plays with the girls.  Then I go to cub scouts 3 of the 4 weeks each month.

THURSDAY:  This is our LOOOONG day.  Daniel has work then school immediately after, so he doesn’t get home until late, late, late.  So we make sure to have fun to help the days go quick.  We’ll either go downtown to the butterfly exhibit.  Find a botanic garden.  Have a play date.  Whatever we’re feeling.

FRIDAY: This is Mom’s day.  We’ll go do what I want to do and they tag a long.  Whether that’s go visit one of my friends (usually ends up being a play date for them anyway). Go shopping or on an ice cream run.  Or usually it means turning on Paw Patrol, and I have “me” time.

*Every morning me and the girls will have scripture and then school time for Kylie.  We also have 10 minutes of chore time where Kylie helps with small chores.

Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were uplifted. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions xo
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