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Not exactly sure how it came about.  But Kylie will constantly ask for “Family Time” whenever she wants all of us to play together-or to get out of going to bed- actually I think it came from “Family Night” we try to once a week have what we call “Family Night”  In my church families typically set time aside on Mondays to play games, sing songs, have a small devotional/lesson and just “be” together as a family in an uplifting environment.  Kylie loves it so much that anytime she wants us to spend time together is now “Family Time”

Since the days have been absolutely gorgeous lately, we’ve been trying to get outside more.  This obviously happens only on weekends because it’s the only time daddy is home during the day.  We visited a small museum near our home.  It’s absolutely adorable!  Just a cluster of little white southern farm house, some barns, a little chapel, and lots of antique equipment and artifacts that are local to the area of town we live in.
The last time we were out on a photoshoot a lady spotted us and told us we should go take some pictures at the museum!  She works there and and said people take pictures all the time because of how cute it is…she was right!  It was so quiet and peaceful there.  The girls just loved running around.  I would have liked to stay longer but the trip was cut short when Harley discovered an ant hill.  We frantically hit away the ants and removed her clothes.  She started crying because they were biting her 🙁  she bounced right back and was fine, but it kinda killed the mood for us.  But to end on a high note, we stopped at got $1 cones.
At the bottom I included some other “Family Time” things we like to do.  Some are big but most are small and simple.

That model pose!  She came up with all on her own.  And that headband! ^_^

Man I love this girl.  My girls are so beautiful!  Yes I am going to brag and yes every parent says this about their children…but seriously.  My girls are gorgeous hehe 😀

Parks-even though we basically have a park in our back yard, there’s still something about going out as a family, and having a change a scenery.  Maybe we as the adults need it more than the littles, but the change makes up happy and refreshed which in turn effects the way we behave towards our kiddos.

Museums-Houston is fabulous in that they have FREE THURSDAYS for the museums.  But we also have a pass (from Dan’s awesome boss) for the Natural Science museum.  With the butterfly exhibit and all.

Pick me Ups-Sometimes a small thing like the $1 taco bell menu is all you need to “pick up” your day.

Family walks-The weather is incredible and walks are great for getting in lots of fresh air, and wearing the girls out.  Especially Harley.  We make her walk and after a few blocks she is BEAT! 😀

Movies-We are yet to take the girls to a movie theater (unless you count when they were 1 month old 🙂 ) I think we’ll be doing that soon…but they are both at the age where they love watching movies with us and popping pop corn.  Great for a relaxing night in.


Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were uplifted. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions xo
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