These jeans were a pleasant surprise I got on sale!  I was in need of some new skinny jeans…my others that I’d had since before we were married finally gave up the ghost.  I don’t know about you, but my jeans-especially skinny jeans-MUST fit like a glove or I they’ll just sit in my closet.  I’m willing to spend a pretty penny on them if they are that amazing…but lets be honest, I’d rather just find a pair I love NOT for a pretty penny.  

You can tell a good pair of skinny jeans if they fit snug, but don’t pull, pinch or restrict in any way when you bend your knees.  My Rag & Bone jeans (so sad they are gone) were just like that, only I spent a looot more on them (but hey I got almost 10 years out of them) so I was amazed when these Blanknyc jeans felt like I was putting on my $$$$ jeans.  And even though they aren’t on sale anymore, they are still under $100.
While hunting for these I tried on a bunch of others that I also wanted to take home, but stayed strong and kept it to 1 pair!  But that doesn’t mean they aren’t on my wish list for later.  So I decided to still share them with ya’ll.

*Ps The name “skinny” does NOT mean you have to be “skinny” to look fabulous.  That means they make you look skinny haha.