Sometimes I Just. Don’t. Care.  I don’t care how I look.  I just want to be comfortable….pleeease let me just be comfortable.  Let me eat the burrito as big as my face and not have my jeans pushing it out of my stomach lol.  Too graphic? Sorry lol.  Now this way of thinking I would only recommend indulging in in a very small amount.  It’s alright to “not care” what people think, but it becomes a problem if you don’t care about yourself.  It’s a very fine line and recently I came to the realization that I had crossed it.  I came across an enlightening quote the other day that goes like this. 
” If we are neat and tidy in small ways, those habits carry over into larger areas of concern that have much greater and more long-lasting impact.  Just as sloppy dress signals sloppy ways and sloppy thinking, a neat and well-groomed appearance indicates competence and dependability.”  (Gordon B. Hinckley, “Way To Be” pg. 30).
Now I’m not suggesting you need to dress as if going to the MET Gala all the time.  But I recently noticed that I’d become so laxed and kind of sloppy in appearance.  Every day, I didn’t bother brushing through my hair, getting out of my sweats or putting on makeup before leaving the house.  Mind you these aren’t universal criteria for caring about yourself, but they are the ways I show to myself that I love and appreciate who I am.  What are your ways?  Figure them our, and do them.
My biggest weakness is sweats!  It’s so easy to just stay in those cozy clothes all day that hide things when my NOT CARING spreads into what I put into my body-we all have those ice cream and brownie days-But doing it everyday starts to make me feel like a bum….but i still want to be comfortable…especially if the day didn’t merit time to pick out an outfit.  We’re busy, it’s easy to say I have to do this one thing quick then I’ll get dressed for the day…soon the day is gone and I’m still in my pajamas (who’s guilty of this? ) But even tiny adjustments to your basic sweat pants can make you look and FEEL a little more put together.

*First off, THESE are my favorite joggers/sweats ever!  I love the 3 pockets! And the zippers add a little edge and make them look like more than just sweats, so you can dress them up, or down.

  1.  Add a jacket of some sort rather than a hoodie.  A jacket speaks a little more sophistication than a hoodie.  I’ve been obsessed with my denim jacket lately. Usually I’ll opt for this or my leather biker jacket.
  2. more than just a basic tee.  Pick a top with a little more character.  Maybe with some unique stitching or different fabric like this thermal.
  3. your shoes can completely change the look of an outfit.  I’ve totally worn wedges with these pants; but for a day when I’ll be walking a lot, and I need to move fast (like getting in and out of Costco after work hours alone with 2 kiddos) I’ll wear some sneakers.  THESE were a birthday present, and I’m obsessed!