Painted nails: Really not that hard.  Sure your first time painting your right hand (if you are right handed) makes you want to throw the bottle across the room.  But it just takes a few times to get the hang of it.  Better than spending $30+

Doll up those lips: Don’t leave your lips naked when there is no need.  I find that the tiniest bit of color on your lips makes you come alive.  Since I’m always kissing my babies and eating (mainly eating) any sort of creamy or glossy lip product is out of the question.  Seriously go with something that has a matte finish, or use a lip stain.  They look and feel more natural that I hardly know I’m wearing anything, but when I pass the mirror I’m like “oh, I’ve got some nice color to my complexion”  There are so many products like this out there that have come so far…matte lip products no longer dry life and moisture out of your lips.  I like THESE and THESE for a more affordable option.

A necklace, a ring. Anything:  Accessorize with some form of jewelry.  An extra ring.  Some earrings, a bracelet, watch.  My favorite is a delicate gold pendant necklace.  (I wear my Young Women’s medallion with the Temple on it.  I lOVE it so much) It’s simple but dresses up any simple outfit up.