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Going blonde for some reason seems like an unattainable dream for all brunettes…or maybe that’s just me.  For any who have been dying to know what they’d look like as a blonde, but were told their whole life that it wasn’t possible, or that their skin tone wouldn’t work blah blah blah and all the other ridiculous theories.

coloring hair has come such a long way.  Pretty much it’s possible to get any color you want.  And any skin tone can look good as a blonde, you just need to make sure you get the right tone of blonde to compliment your skin (this video explains very well).

So there you have it, it IS possible to be blonde.
But here are some things you should know before taking the plunge.

RISKY-if you do it yourself it is possible, but very difficult because if you don’t evenly distribute the bleach it starts lifting the color weirdly.  So get someone to help you for sure.  I’ve don’t on my own at home before.  If you mess it up then it can be fixed by a professional, BUT then you’ll end up paying for your supplies, then pay for a color correction, then pay to have it get to the shade you wanted in the first place.

PRICE-Depending on how much hair you have, it can get very expensive.  And depending on if your hair has already been colored, that changes how easily and how long it takes for your hair to lighten.  Stylists typically have a base price, and then a price for by the hour after that.  So my hair for example to get my balayage costs around $240.  Luckily I cheat and I do trades (I’m a massage therapist) so I get a significant discount or completely trade the full amount.  So keep that in mind, if you have any sort of service that a stylist you like would be interested in trading with you, go for it!

FIND A STYLIST WITH THE RIGHT PRODUCTS-Now a days there are a couple of producs that are used to keep your hair healthy while bleaching.  Olaplex and B3 are the two main ones I see the most-when I did my own hair I used Olaples-my current stylist used B3, and it is BETTER than Olaplex in my opinion.  it makes my hair softer, the color comes out better AND the biggest game changer is that it doesn’t slow down the processing time.  with Olaples, doing a full balayage on long hair can take upwards of 8 hours, and $570+  in the end.  OUCH!

OTHER AFFORDABLE OPTIONS-if you’re not wanting to dish out the dough all at once -I didn’t-you can start with a full highlight-there are always groupons for this-and you can go a few months without a touch up or even more, and keep adding more and more until you’re basically blonde all over.  Full highlights are typically 60-80 dollars.


Your hair will be so dry, and so brittle, so thirsty.  Now everyone’s hair is different, so there is no work for all, holy grail product.  For point of reference, my hair is super course and thick.  Like literally, each individual strand of my hair is super thick.

1-MoroccanOil restorative hair mask OR  Wen Deep Conditioner

2- Moroccan Oil repair serum

3- Coconut Oil



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