1-FRUIT, FRUIT and more FRUIT:  Fruit is fast food, and berries are candy in our house.  No lie.  My girls will eat a Costco size container of blueberries over sweets like nobody’s business.  And fruit is my go-to snack; often meal (I’ll eat 5-7 peaches for a meal regularly).  Also avocados.  I buy them every time I’m at Costco.  I love making avocado toast, avocado smoothies or guac on the fly and adding them to salads.

2-LOTS OF LINEN TOWELS:  I’m that person who rinses her hands in between each step of cooking or cleaning.  Got a speck of peanut butter on my finger. wash it. Sliced an apple “oh there’s some juice on my hand. wash it.  lol.  Am I the only one who does this???  Anyway, I HAVE to have towels for drying that will actually, well…DRY.  Whether it’s drying hands or drying dishes.  I don’t want them to just smear the water around.  UGH! I hate that.  Linen towels are my favorite.  They just absorb any liquid right up, and they are incredibly affordable.  I get THESE.  And they are big enough to use as a bib on Harley when her others are dirty and I’m too lazy to rinse them off. (#momhonesty)

3- PLAIN GREEK YOGURT: We love Greek Yogurt parfaits in our home.  Some granola, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries + drizzled with honey….DIVINE! It’s filling and so quick and easy.  I buy this one, or I make my own when I have the time (recipe post to come) it’s my favorite brand of yogurt, and I like that it’s probiotic.

4- Go-Go SQUEEZE APPLE SAUCE (or any generic brand): The girls will down these suckers like crazy.  I’m talking 5 straight; only stopping because I cut them off haha.  But hey, all in all there are worse things than a 3 year old thinking applesauce pouches are the best treats.

5- KALE + PURPLE CABBAGE + BROCCOLI: We are a KALE family.  I want to get a shirt that says “Kale” on it.  I saw one at Target once and didn’t get it!  Buuuhhh.  I’m actually very proud of myself for breaking my husband in.  When we first married he-to plainly put it-was not a healthy eater.  And now he’s like me and LOVES salads, and gets so irritated when we go out to eat and the only lettuce in the salad is ice berg with a little romaine.  We’re like GIVE ME MY KALE!  I want REAL greens.  Haha.  And then purple cabbage and broccoli we add to our salads. I typically combine it all in a large baggie or bowl so we can just dip into it throughout the days.

6- SALAD TOPPINGS: Cherry tomatoes, Kalamata olives, capers, croutons, bacon bits, Craisins, sliced almonds, feta cheese, cucumber…..We go CRAZY with our salads.  They are one of our family’s favorite meals.  We put on anything that sounds good-making it as filling as possible, then down it.  Best fast food ever.

7-PROTEIN POWDER:  We love protein shakes, and adding protein powder to our oat meal-I’ll be posting my Protein Powered Oatmeal recipe soon-use it to make protein cookie bites.  Basically anything we can add it to, we DO.

8-SWEET POTATOES: Safe to say sweet potatoes are probably our family’s #1 food that we consume the most.  We like them savory, and eat a minimum of 5 as a side for dinner.  If we’re feeling really wild we’ll cook up 10 and eat them as our entire meal.  They are a superfood, delicious and filling.  It’s always easier to cook things that your little people like too.

Well that’s it.  Do you guys keep any of these items stocked in your kitchen too, or are we just weirdos?  Lol.

have a WONDERFUL Friday ya’ll.

Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were uplifted. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions xo
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