watermelon summer foods

Summer season is watermelon season!  Pretty sure the entire world agrees with me that watermelon is the official food of summer and absolutely mandatory for pool side food and bbq sides.  I’m getting so hungry and I literally just ate half a watermelon with my girls.

We’ve been into full swing swimming mode.  Twice a day we go out to the pool.  (Once before afternoon naps, and right before dinner/bed time) Moms it is the best thing you can do for yourself!  Get your kids in the water and sun and they will sleep like rocks!

Each time we head outside we bring a big bowl of watermelon slices…it’s so nice to not worry about messes when it’s outside the front door.

Is it not the worst thing next to no toilet paper when you need it?  One bite and it’s nasty then you’re stuck with a massive heap of nastiness that you HAAAVE to finish now.  BOOO.  I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, so I’ve going to share my 3 tips (thanks Ash) for picking a scrumptious melon.  FOOL PROOF!

pick the perfect watermelon

1.  UGLY IS BEAUTIFUL: Seriously, the prettiest of the patch are not necissarily the tastiest.  You know those ugly scabby looking marks on the melons?  Well news flash!  Those are actually scars from bee stings, which make the melon sweeter!  Funny how it’s not just humans that get better when coming out of trials or tough moments.

watermelon tips


2. FADED AND MORE EXPERIENCED: Now on to those yellow spots that you instinctively want to avoid.  Well guess what, SEEK out those yellow melon patches that make them NOT your stereotypical “perfect green”.  The yellow spots mean the melon is in the peek of ripeness.

3. “HOLLO”:  Tap it and put an ear to it.  Make sure it sounds hollow.  Like a hollow drum, almost like it has a bit of an echo.  NOT like a solid thump.  But HOLLOW.  Have you ever had a tasty yet MUSHY melon, that falls apart or feels almost grainy?  That’s because it wasn’t hollow sounding enough.  😉