girls’ suits

We recently got back from a much needed beach vacation/family reunion.  I was able to read 4 books, take a nap (never got to sleep in, but I’ll take what I can get) visit the San Diego Temple-which was stunning-go on date with my hubby, go to the beach every day, get closer with Daniel’s family and chat by the fire while stuffing my face with way too many s’mores ever single night haha.

During this trip I discovered that my baby loves the taste of sand.  Kylie prefers projects-like digging massive holes-to the ocean (shockingly something she enjoys more than water!) And that boogie boarding is NOT like surfing.  Haha.  The first day I strapped the leash to my ankle and thought, what is the point of this stupid thing!  It just gets in the way….apparently you’re supposed to strap boogie boards to your wrist lol.  Daniel was like “oh babe, you’re such a surfer”
Unfortunately I didn’t get to surf this trip.  The day we had a board the waved just weren’t right for a long board…I though well  I could at least paddle out there and hope to maybe catch something, but then seeing my family members trying desperately to swim past the breaks I thought…I’m good.  Rather not kill myself knowing there’s nothing to surf.  Guess it wouldn’t have hurt to get the workout it though…all those s’mores.  yeesh.