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I’m not gonna lie or pretend…since getting back from our beach vaction, it’s been sooo tough getting back into the swing of real life.  Activities have been zip!  The girls and I went on ZERO outings-but Kylie will share in some of the blame there.  I tried to bounce ideas off her of what to go do and she just didn’t want to leave the house.  Yes, my isolation this week is the 3 eyar old’s fault!-had ZERO play dates, barely went outside, barely cleaned….  I didn’t even have the urge to go shopping…which is a good thing I guess, but it really threw me for a loop that I had no desire to go out.
While sitting there…in the same spot I’ve been for the entire week…eating my BlueBel Ice cream (yes I caved…but c’mon when your favorite flavor returns after two years you’d cave and get 2 cartons too!) I decided “JOI!  YOU ARE NOT GOING TO SPEND THE SUMMER LIKE THIS!”
Daniel starts his engineering degree full time in the Fall, so this summer is our last romantic hurrah, and endless family fun time.  So we want to make the most of it.  So I started brain storming some ideas of what to do this summer, as a family and just me and the girls while Daniel is working during the week.

Ps. often times we think that for a summer-or any period of time-to be fulfilling, it has to be jam packed and busy…not so.  It’s all about the memories and feelings you have and will want to hold on to.

10 summer activity ideas

  1. Go to the pool.  This one is easy.  Walk the few steps and spend an enjoyable hour or so in the water.  Bring some watermelon and other snacks + lots of water and enjoy + INVITE other people over to swim–share the goodness right
  2. Read-me and Daniel have been reading a lot together.  I’ve also formed a “book club” with my sister.  It’s only taken us 6 months to not even finish the first book lol.
  3. Visit Hamilton swimming hole
  4.  Go to the beach more
  5. eat ice cream and lOVE it 🙂
  6. don’t forget to stay fit—working out always makes me feel good and in control of my life
  7. Visit Moody Gardens-we’ll be going here for Kylie girls birthday…and I might actually be more excited than she is!
  8. have a water balloon fight—my girls have never played with water balloons.  It feels like a crime!
  9. Take lots of sappy pictures
  10. take the occasion week long break from social media.  Or as I’m calling it now “Take a break from FAKE”

This last one has been crucial for me.  This last week I took a break from social media -mainly instagram since I rarely get on anything else-and it has completely changed my days.  I do more productive things, I feel happier and content with my life, I enjoy my girls more, and I feel more intelligent because now I read rather than scroll.




Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were uplifted. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions xo
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