Adidas for every occasion.

I think i’m in love!  I’ve found the shirt that goes with anything.  Aaaaand it’s comfy which is always a bonus. I have it in black and the ‘sand’ color (blush is all the rage this season!)

Plus this shirt is made from super sonic fabric or something.  It does NOT shrink and does NOT lose its shape.  Like i’ve worn it to the beach (as you see) to sleep, jogging and even wore it casually for 3 days in a row (don’t judge me!).  Like I said “for every occasion”  Adidas has always been one of my favorite brands anyway, but man they just keep scoring point after point with me.  I’m seriously considering getting more colors…ps there are like 7 colors!  I hope this is helpful and convincing for you because it’s convincing to me, to be quite honest, it never occurred to me that I want MORE or how much I loved this tee until this moment….when I started writing this post and listing all the great things about it trying to convince you to get one  darn it, now i want to get another one!  There’s this rust/salmon like  color that i have my eye on.  BUH, curse you blogging!

Adidas meets Vicki’s = good things all around

In other news, we’re off to a good start this week (as opposed to last week-check out post here if you’re in a rut).  I’ve been on schedule with naps and meal times (huge high five to myself!) we actually left the house 🙂 and grabbed groceries for the week (ps stay tuned because I’m making this DELICIOUS Cajun Alfredo tonight, and i can’t not post the recipe, it’s so good) and checked out the Victoria’s Secret sale (of course) and restocked my bra collection—-I’ve had the same few bras since before Kylie was born with maybe 1 addition since…yeah, they were depressing.   Now I feel like a sexy vixen ready to take on the world of momlife haha.  But really, feeling good is important and it’s always nice when your husband freezes in his tracks with a “woah!”
So now even with a hectic schedule and days of repeatedly washing dishes and folding laundry I feel cuter with my bras that actually fit and flatter + and my comfy adidas tee that looks like I tried harder than I did.  Like fairy dust!  It’s the little things. 😉 Have a wonderful MONDAY!

Happiness is a compilation of small and simple things that you choose to largely be grateful for





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  1. I love the shirt and I would love to get one right now! It looks so simple yet stylish and I agree with you that it would look great no matter the outfit you are trying to wear. I love that you wore it on a beach to prove your point. Cheers!

    1. Thanks girl! Yes I wear it everywhere lol, and i have 2 more colors now (so bad haha)
      Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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