St Tropez Tanning Mousse


Thank goodness self tanners have come such a long way, because i’ll tell ya, the first time I used a tanner it was something from Top Beauty Horror Moments.
I got sucked into an infomercial…yea a 14 year old watching infomercials, I was quite the wild teenager.  It was tanning towelettes, and they made me orange AND started rubbing off in the shower after a week and it even took some of my natural tan off with it!  Disgusting and horrifying. Needless to say i’ve been scarred from trying self tanners ever since.

Now i’m all about the real thing more.  I love the look of a natural tan from the sun, and in my opinion-i don’t care what others say-it’s the sun is less damaging than putting chemicals on your skin.  But before we went on our San Diego trip, i wanted to get a bit of a sun kissed glow-yeah i was going to tan soon as i got to the beach but I didn’t want to endure the first moments of being miss pasty in a suit-and it will come in handy during the winter months when I started feeling ghostly pale because…well I start looking ghostly pale haha.  So I researched and researched to find the best tanner for me.  I decided to go with the much talked about St Tropez.  And it did not disappoint. (ps these photos were taken right when we got to the beach, so this color was the tanner, and later current photos on my insta are my natural sun tan…can barely see a difference in hue)

St. Tropez Tanning Mousse

What I liked:

  • There a few different options in way of texture, but I like the St Tropez mousse because it spreads evenly and drys quickly
  • The smell isn’t overpowering of chemical like so many others self tanners
  • St. Tropez works fast!  I left it on for 2 hours (you can do 1-3) and it gave me just the right amount of color
  • NOT ORANGE.  Huuuge deal  It’s the worst thing when you feel like rusty colored mango
  • Does not rub off.  Thank goodness I didn’t have to repeat that tanning nightmare again

Things I’d change:

  • I’m not a fan of having to use an application mitt.  Pretty sure that this goes for all self tanners, but this one especially.  You can sometimes get away with NOT using a mitt for other tanners, but since this St Tropez one drys so quickly, if you attempt to just use your hands, you’ll be left with very tan palms.
  • Goes on green.  The St Tropez mousse is like a mucky green color and it gives you an ever so slightly greenish hue (that goes away once you wash off the tan after a few hours) I mean it wasn’t terrible, I still went about my day and left the house and all, but if you’re fairer skinned it might be a little greener idk.  But it only last for the application portion of the time, like i said, the green goes away once the application time is done and y0u shower it off.



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