Today i want to share with ya’ll some of my go to “Summer Hacks”  that make the summer months easier to manage my beauty regime.  Because the heat alone sucks the energy right out of you, gone is any motivation to take the time to feel like more than a dead mommy lol.  But with just a few tweaks you can have a sunny glow, feel sexy and rock the beach waves all without a ton of effort.


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BEAUTY HACK #1 LASH EXTENSIONS:  Ladies and summer moms!  If you’ve never had lash extensions go make an appointment right now!  No matter the time of day, whether you’ve showered or not,  you will ALWAYS look like you have a thick flattering layer of mascara on.  This is probably my number ONE beauty hack for any mom/woman during the hot summer months when makeup melts off your face.
Like anything lashes have pros and cons.  I’ve had them off and on for the last 6 years.  (should i do Q&A/FAQ post on lash extensions? let me know) I typically have them during summer (or right before I have a baby) and then use my lash serum during the rest of the year.

BEAUTY HACK #2 GRANDE LASH MD:  Speaking of serum, if you’re now wanting the maintenance of extensions you can still have long lashes.    I swear by THIS one.  I’ve used it since 2013 so that will tell you something.  I’ve used Babe Lash (which everyone else seems to swear by) but I immediately went back to Grande Lash.  I like the results better, it worked faster on my lashes, and it added thickness as well as length.

BEAUTY HACK #3 TANNER:  Summer without a tan is like snow cones without syrup.  BLEH! Even if you only burn and not tan (like my husband lol) you can still have that sun kissed glow within a few hours for less than $30 (I did a whole post about my tanner HERE).  And self tanners aren’t the way they used to be aka AWFUL!  They also have tons of natural options made from beet juice, which actually give a great color.

BEAUTY HACK #4 COCONUT OIL: I’ve said it before I will continue to say it.  Coconut oil is my longest running beauty product.  It covers these 3 bases (perfect for summer needs) a) moisturizer, b) styling cream, c) sunscreen/tanning oil
I use it to hydrate my skin, it does wonders better than an ordinary lotion after getting out of the salty beach water or chlorinated water.  b) I put it in my wet hair which keeps it hydrated as well as holds natural beach waves.  Because what mom has time to dry and style their hair with how much you’re getting in and out of pools, lakes, oceans, splash pads, chasing little ones + all the sweating in between?  c) Applying before going in the sun and allowing it to fully absorb will help protect your skin from damaging rays.  (I’m not saying don’t use SPF, still use a regular sunscreen, but the oil will help your skin maintain a healthier glow and does add some protection).

Ok my summer chica hotties.  Those are few things that can make a world of difference.  I hope you are having a wonderful summer and continue to make it great!






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