Day one of July 4 sales favorites.  Right now I’m sharing my TARGET PICKS.  *** All apparel, kids, mens, womens is 20% off!***Can we just stop for a moment and just say how awesome Target really is.  They have everything!  I mean really, everything, and their quality just keeps getting better, while the price points remain reasonable.  Honestly I can’t tell you how many times I fell in love with a designer item that cost an arm and a leg so I drooped my head a slumped out of the store (ha ha) and then I find a copy cat style (almost exactly the same!) at Target.  For example, these nude booties are EXACT to the minor detailing as some Vince Camuto booties that Nordstrom had last season.  The lowest price they ever got to that I saw (because I was eyeing them like a hawk) was $119 (ouch!) Serious you can see them HERE.  They are the same!  Just a different color.

SECOND If you follow me you know my go-to tee’s are the Madewell Whisper Cotton v-necks with the pocket.  Well guess what, Target sells a brand ‘Universal Thread’ who’s that are replacing Madewell in my life.  The fit is the same (if not a little more slimming) fabric is a slightly different texture, but not still cheap-o and the color options are pretty much the same.

I hope you enjoy some of my picks, I also love this Junk Food tee “Feelin’ Free”



GIRLS:: My girls pretty much own everything here! lol