The realization hit me today while looking at the overwhelming mountain of laundry in front of me.  ‘This is my life….this is the rest of my life”  And I burst into tears. 

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I am absolutely LIVID with my child right now.  It didn’t start off in the girls’ favor.  First Harley was up at 1 AM then 3 AM, then Kylie was in bed with us at 5 AM so that Harley’s crying wouldn’t keep her awake.  Until finally at 7 AM they were up for good.  To add to the need to scream into a pillow or punch a wall, it’s laundry day, which means a literal mountain of clothes in spread throughout the living area, and my bed.  So quiet time is here so that i can have a few free moments to get some of it put away, and Kylie is playing with fire within me (btw she and Harley share a room, Harley FINALLY after 30 minutes of crying went down for her nap (don’t worry she’s fine, sometimes she gets in these moods when she’s so tired but so stubborn and fights going to sleep and she neeeeeds the sleep) by yelling “moooooom, moooom”

I went into the room quietly (counting it as a blessing that Harley didn’t wake up) seriously on the verge of screaming at Kylie.  By some miracle she’s now quiet and Harley is still asleep.  But I have to get this out of my system because I’m sleep deprived, being encased by mounds of laundry and wanting to SCREAAAAAM!

So what’s my point of all of this?

FIRST:  I want all moms out there to know that they are NOT alone.  And you are NOT bad people.  If you say you’ve never had a moments urge to want to smack your kid, you’re lying.  The problem is when you ACTUALLY do these things.  And believe me, if you are the type that after the moment passes are thinking “oh my goodness, I’m a terrible person for having that thought”  Even though you didn’t act on it, have never acted on it and never would, yet still you fill your mind with. “Ohhh I’m such a bad person”  Well STOP.  Because that already says your ARE still a good parent if you’re so concerned.

SECOND: Share any antidotes.  Often times, just getting on here and spewing my feelings and sharing what has happened in my day is therapy enough.  Also I want ya’ll to know that my life (no ONE’S LIFE ) is all cupcakes, sunshine, rainbows and perfect beautiful pictures.
Still I’m more about preventing, and equipping myself with the things necessary to help me better tackle these situations in a more dignified and controlled manner when they arise. I find it ultimately boils down to one thing.  BEING HAPPY.  Truly happy people don’t easily lose their tempers, or get discouraged about life from a few piles of laundry lol.


I’ve been obsessively listening to Hank Smith a lot lately.  And he came up with a list of 10 THINGS HAPPY PEOPLE DO
He has sources that he took a lot of this info from, (scientists that study happiness) I didn’t personally check each one, because well, I believe him, and even if they aren’t real, they make a lot of sense and are good advice. So here we go! (This list was mentioned in THIS talk here)

  1. Happy people surround themselves with other happy people
  2. Happy people choose to be happy
  3. Happy people spend money on other people
  4. Happy people have in person conversations with themselves
  5. Happy people laugh
  6. Happy people use the power of uplifting music
  7. Happy people make exercise a priority
  8. Happy people realize the importance of surrounding themselves with nature
  9. Happy people get enough sleep (ha no wonder I’m not happy today lol)
  10. Happy people are spiritual (this one is interesting to me, because these scientists didn’t belong to any certain religious organization, but they found that those who are involved in spiritual or religious practices were HAPPIER) 

*Today I’m going to focus on #2, CHOOSE to be happy.  What about you?